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Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate Marketing is a great, easy way to begin to learn about Internet marketing and Web-based entrepreneurship.

One important principle is that TIME (or ATTENTION) is the most precious thing people have, so an affiliate marketer must make sure he is creating high-quality content that will EARN their attention and time.

If you’ve got their attention, then you can sell your or other people’s products and services (insofar as they match the needs of your readership).

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a great software, for only $150, which enables you to just speak into a microphone and the software transcribes everything! It literally types out everything you say, with 99% accuracy!


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Qwertick will help you write!

I’ve been using an incredible little app (download link below) that helps me to write prolifically and I wanted to share with you in case you didn’t know (please share with your friends!).

Basically, Qwertick simulates the sound of an old typewriter and for some reason, it helps you to focus on your writing.

My take is that the audio feedback works to encourage you to keep writing. Indeed, with every sound, you feel like you’ve moving forward.

I used to work on my electric typewriter, a Smith Corona which my ex girlfriend kindly gave me. The sound it made was so big, like a machine gun! Every time I used it, I would become incredibly prolific.

The only problem was, it’s too heavy and noisy for me to carry it outside the home. Plus, I need paper and carbon paper (as I can’t find a place to buy ink cartdridges).

Enter Qwertick.

It turns any laptop into a good old electric typewriter.


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Get your FREE online store at Tictail!

There are basically two kinds of people: those who want FREEDOM and those who don’t want freedom.

Or put another way, the second group of people want security more than freedom. So they get jobs and work for others (capitalist business owners).

If you’re in the first group of people who WANT freedom — the ability to do anything you want to do, with anybody, every day — then you need to set up your Tictail online store (it’s free).

Even if you don’t have products to sell, you should STILL create an account at Tictail (so that you can later sell other people’s products — DVDs, CDs, books, ebooks, etc.).

I tried Tictail myself, and was able — in five minutes — to create a quick one-product store at

Broadly speaking, Tictail greatly facilitates the MARKETING of your products.

So the only other thing missing is the INNOVATION: how you actually create NEW products that people want and are willing to pay for.

My guess is that pretty soon, there will be a FREE online service that will help you with creating NEW profitable products.

I mean “profitable products” as in “Apple products”, products that people really, really, really want.

Product creation is where you create VALUE.
Marketing is where you LEVERAGE that value (with Tictail, for example).

So if you create a product priced at $30, then Tictail will help you to sell it to THOUSANDS of people. (Yes, that probably means you’ll be generating passive income while you’re sleeping).

A while back, I wrote down my goal of generating $20,000 in passive revenues PER MONTH.

With Tictail, that goal is now MUCH CLOSER!

How about you?

How much money do you want to make online, per month?