Qwertick will help you write!

I’ve been using an incredible little app (download link below) that helps me to write prolifically and I wanted to share with you in case you didn’t know (please share with your friends!).

Basically, Qwertick simulates the sound of an old typewriter and for some reason, it helps you to focus on your writing.

My take is that the audio feedback works to encourage you to keep writing. Indeed, with every sound, you feel like you’ve moving forward.

I used to work on my electric typewriter, a Smith Corona which my ex girlfriend kindly gave me. The sound it made was so big, like a machine gun! Every time I used it, I would become incredibly prolific.

The only problem was, it’s too heavy and noisy for me to carry it outside the home. Plus, I need paper and carbon paper (as I can’t find a place to buy ink cartdridges).

Enter Qwertick.

It turns any laptop into a good old electric typewriter.




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