Make money from your knowledge!

Your knowledge in your head = $0.00!

Your knowledge in the world = $1,000,000+

Sound shocking? Let me explain.

As long as your knowledge is “trapped” in your head, nobody — and I mean nobody — can use it. So it has exactly ZERO value. $.0.00!

So your mission, should you choose to accept it Jim (!), is to EXTRACT the knowledge in your head and make it available IN THE WORLD.

As an ebook, audio, video, elearning program, CD, DVD, transcript, report, handbook, PowerPoint file, Excel file, Word file, white paper, mind map (Freemind is my favorite mind mapping app), ebook, book, newsletter (Esther Dyson charges $1,000 for a year’s worth of her monthly newsletter), etc.

All these wonderful documents can teach people (your prospects, clients, suppliers, investors, collaborators, JV partners, volunteers, etc.) EVEN WHILE YOUR SLEEPING!

That is precisely how you can make money WHILE YOU’RE SLEEPING.

I’ve created a doctrine (soon a technology) called Automated Infoproduct Proliferation, where I take my core knowledge (e.g. the BMW workshop I created in 2006) and create tons and tons of derivative infoproducts such as those listed above.

In so doing, I fill the universe with my knowledge and can sit back and watch money flow into my Paypal account! lol

Knowledge IS the new gold, the new money, the new cash.

This secret is not yet understood by most people who still WORK HARD every day for business owners.

It doesn’t occur to most of the 175 million users of Linkedin that the MOST VALUABLE ASSET they have, is located between their ears.

But as I argued above, this asset is NOT available nor accessible to other people, hence it has a market value of zero.

Think of it this way: if a professional makes $90,000 a year as a manager (like my young brother), then his knowledge is that useful.

The problem is, he’s the only one who is using his knowledge to create/add value.

What if he made his knowledge available to THOUSANDS of people?

Thus, there is a big need for an Intellectual Capital consultancy on Linkedin to help people EXTRACT their valuable knowledge and publish it WORLDWIDE.

If you are an expert in your field, and I believe you are, then you are losing — are you ready for this??? — THOUSANDS of dollars EVERY DAY, just because your knowledge is trapped in your head and is not released in the form of ebooks, reports, etc. (all the document types I listed above)!

Contact me if you need help to EXTRACT your knowledge and sell it worldwide!


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