Wealth Security Number

Every human will have a Wealth Security Number.

COMING SOON IN 2013! All your business problems will be solved by this strange constitutional innovation…

In most developed countries like Canada and the US, citizens have a Social Security Number that identifies them and gives them access to a wide range of services offered by the government.

This is a 9-digit “social” number that testifies you are PART of the civilized society you live in. You are legally entitled to receive government services.

What is this “society”? The United States (and Canada) is a nation of citizens with freedoms protected by the Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson and his colleagues were truly visionaries.

But it is time to go beyond mere “freedom.”

It is time for everyone to have a Wealth Security Number.

This WSN guarantees access to a federation of wealth creation tools, resources, training, etc. so that ALL citizens may not only have the freedom, but the MEANS to pursue life, liberty, happiness and prosperity.

The Wealth Security Number is a constitutional innovation, one that I hope countries (especially in Europe where there is upheaval right now) will adopt.

In Canada, I created the portal My Fellow Canadians as a nascent platform on which the WSN initiative will be deployed to benefit all Canadians.

Your WSN will enable you to have a clear identity (like on Facebook or Linkedin), except you will be AUTOMATICALLY CONNECTED to all your fellow citizens and can trade freely (or buy, sell, swap, exchange, collaborate, etc.).

The WSN grid will supersede Facebook and Linkedin, but leverage both platforms.

It will be connectivity by default, and at a second level, connectivity by preference (where automated systems will connect you automatically to people with whom you are likely to forge win-win economic partnerships).

That is, unlike Facebook and Linkedin where you HAVE to take action in order to connect to others, on the WSN platform, you will be automatically connected to thousands of people with whom you can do business and trade economically, as sovereign individuals.

This is the New Economy super empowered by IT and social media, although “social media” is too weak a word for the constitutional innovation I’m talking about.

Right now, your career does not exist; it does not have a legal existence. It’s something that exists only in your head.

Mostly, it is your job. This is why people are devastated when they lose their job. It’s 95 percent of their “career.”

Even one-person businesses (which are usually NOT incorporated) do not really exist in the legal/capitalistic system of today.

If you own a small business, you can’t really issue shares (unless you’re incorporated, which is something I did with Zoonie for Talentelle in 2010).

The WSN vision will ensure that everybody’s career or business will be represented legally in the WSN grid, so that thousands of people will connect to you and communicate with you so as to empower BOTH of you.

I share this vision in this group about “infoproducts and video marketing” because this is the future, and it is coming extremely fast.

Every person will have a Youtube channel, and she will use videos to explain EVERYTHING about her business, with much factual details and utter transparency.

Only when you are transparent and truthful, will others agree to collaborate with you.

You become like a publicly traded corporation who must, by law, submit factual reports at SEDAR.

Right now, Linkedin is busy connecting people to people, but that “connection” activity will be largely unnecessary because WSN will enable citizens of a country to connect AUTOMATICALLY if their economic interests, as divulged by them, coincide with the economic interests of others.

The match making will be done by computers, artificial intelligence and expert systems and neural networks.

Linkedin will be the first platform on which WSN will be deployed, but Facebook users will also benefit.

We will work with the Facebook team to make it happen.

For instance, you could fill out a form and state all the kinds of interests, friends, opportunities, etc. you are looking for, and this special Facebook app will connect you automatically to people of similar interest.

A friend of mine is developing Twinium to do something similar, but I think he’s a bit off. It’s far deeper than a “recommendations engine.”

It’s a smart connectivity engine, so we can accelerate the process of manifestation and get in touch with ALL the people whom we want to get in touch with.

It’s the Law of Attraction on steroids. It’s a sort of synchronicity facilitator orchestrated on a global scale to super empower all human beings.

I’m sharing this vision with you because it is time for people to receive all the wealth they need and have been asking for.

The Wealth Security Number is a simple constitutional innovation that will COMPLETELY SOLVE all your business problems, because you will be connected to ALL the people who can help you and whom you can help.

This WSN comes from our deep thinking on what is needed to help people economically under capitalism today.

In the next few posts, I’ll explain the three phases for building this wealth security network: People, Information and Systems.

For now, I’ll just mention that most entrepreneurs are right on track by focusing on PEOPLE. They network, meet people, shake hands, get to know one another.

All good stuff. Networking at its best.

But we must move to the INFORMATION STAGE, where we OPENLY share information about our assets, opportunities, strengths, talents, skills, etc. We must disclose information about our human capital and our structural capital (processes, procedures, workshops, ebooks, etc.).

Once all this economic information is revealed openly and verified, we can then put everything into a SYSTEM where everyone has their own wealth security number, that is, a GUARANTEE that their wealth is secure (and they can make as much money as they want, it’s really up to them).

All knowledge and training will be offered FOR FREE.

Hard work, obviously, is not offered free since each person will have to work at building her own wealth.

But the barriers to wealth will no longer exist. Anyone who seeks wealth, and is willing to work for it, will achieve wealth.


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