Canada is NOT past its prime!

By Peter Nguyen

If we compare the growth of the Canadian economy with the unusual economic rise of countries like China and India, we might conclude that Canada is lagging behind.

Furthermore, we might even conclude that Canada has gone past its prime.

Indeed, the Chinese are embracing capitalism with almost erotic zeal while the Indians are leveraging the Internet to deliver services worldwide, a phenomenon described in detail by Thomas Friedman in his lucid book The World Is Flat.

Given those facts, should Canadians just accept “reality” and do as best they can, while other countries are aggressively increasing their productivity and entrepreneurial spirit?

On the contrary, this is perhaps the time for Canadians to show the world what we are made of.

I, for one, do not accept that “Canada is past its prime.”

Many irreversible trends, such as the increasing knowledge content of products and services and the increasing reliance on information technology, make me believe that Canada can shine economically in the world.

But this requires that Canadians learn how to use information technology strategically.

Most Canadians have a computer, and it’s usually connected to the Internet. But few Canadians know how to program their computer so they can be more productive every day.

A simple open-source script language like Autohotkey can do the trick, yet most people haven’t yet learned how to program using Autohotkey (I will discuss this powerful script language in a future article).

There are also free online services like WordPress, which enables people to create an infinite number of blogs at no cost.

The importance of a blog is that it enables a person to publish her knowledge AT NO COST.

This fact alone — which would make Gutenberg turn in his grave, God bless him — has escaped the attention of most Canadians.

For instance, if every Canadian were to create a blog and share his/her knowledge with all his/her Facebook friends, this alone would significantly increase the productivity of all Canadians.

In conclusion, Canada is NOT past its prime. There is so much more we can do and accomplish, if we refuse to be mere spectators watching other foreign economies rise to eminence.

We, Canadians, have built a great nation, a stable economy and a democracy that is second to none in the world.

There is no reason to believe that we are past our prime. In fact, we have the opportunity to show the world that Canadians can be fearless, ambitious, creative and highly innovative.


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