3 stages in life

By Peter Nguyen

Someone asked this question on Linkedin Answer:

What do you think of the current education system ? What is the education strategy for your children ?

Here’s my answer:

I’m currently teaching a special seminar on career discovery and development at a Montreal university, and what I tell students is that there are three levels of development to pay close attention to:

1. Your task in school (the what)
2. Your job in society (the how)
3. Your work in life (the why)

It seems that a high school / college / university student will benefit most if he/she concentrates on doing well at the first level (task in school). This is where knowledge (the what) is acquired).

However, parents, teachers and advisors can help students to also acquire marketable skills WHILE they are pursuing their studies, so that when they graduate, they are employable. Being knowledgeable is NOT enough to be hired. One must know HOW to do things, HOW to produce results wanted by the employer.

In other words, at the second level, SKILLS are acquired.

Then, at the third level, where a person finds her WORK IN LIFE or her purpose in life, that is there the REAL FUN is!

Bill Gates, for example, has found his work in life with his Foundation. So did Dr Yunus Muhammad, the Nobel laureate who invented micro-credit in the 80s. Oprah, of course, belongs to this group of inspiring leaders.

Of course, these three developmental stages do not occur in a linear fashion. While a student is at school, he could also develop skills (second level) and explore areas and fields so as to discover his talent as well as his passion (third level, or work in life).


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