BitTraining or free training for everyone!

By Peter Nguyen

BitTorrent is a software application that allows you to share files and also receive files from other people.

As an irrepressible innovator, I began thinking “around” this concept of file-sharing and thought of a new yet adjacent concept: BitTraining.

Like BitTorrent, BitTraining would allow members to give and receive — not computer files — but training.

For example, instead of attending a 3-hour seminar on Email Marketing, you could get a 15-minute module, and get the other modules later on.

Once you receive a certain module, you can also share it (that is, teach it) with others who have not yet learned that module.

This would allow people not only to receive training during short periods of time (e.g. 15 minutes), but also to save money since all members of this BitTraining community only pay for the membership. They do not pay one another when they share the training with others.

Unlike the “sharing” of movies through BitTorrent, this sharing of training modules is legal since all creators of training material agree to allow members of this BitTraining community to share the training with one another.

If you would like to receive further updates about BitTraining, please contact Peter Nguyen at while mentioning “BITTRAINING” in the subject heading.


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