Smart Is The New Rich

By Peter Nguyen

In this fascinating book, Smart Is The New Rich, the author points out that Gen Y (young people born after 1980) might become the first generation to do less well financially speaking than their parents.

80% of them, after college graduation, return home to live with their parents, says the author.

She also writes that Gen Y seems to be independent about everything, except money.

There is one thing she says that I would disagree with. She writes that Gen Y members have been told again and again to "do what they love and not worry about money."

That is certainly not what I teach young people in the Ideal Career workshop. We encourage them to "do what you love AND get smart about money (and business, marketing, selling, innovation, etc.)."

In other words, it is OKAY to choose work based on your passion, but you must get smart (real fast) about money, business, and finance.

Peter NguyenStrategic Consultant


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